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Your Reliable Partner for Professional Chauffeur Services

At Super Safe Driver, we pride ourselves on being a trusted name in providing top-tier safe driver services across the UAE. Whether you’re in Dubai or any other emirate, our commitment to safety, reliability, and professionalism remains unwavering. As your trusted partner, we provide you with a safe and secure journey no matter where you are in Dubai.

Ensuring Your Safety, Every Mile

As a premier safe driver in UAE, Super Safe Driver prioritizes your safety above all. Our team comprises experienced and well-trained chauffeurs who possess in-depth knowledge of local routes, ensuring a secure and comfortable journey for our clients. If you get drunk at a party and find it difficult to go home on your own, our safe chauffeur service is there to pick you up. Our well-mannered executives know how to handle these situations, and help you in emergencies.

Navigating Dubai’s bustling roads can be challenging if you are in a hurry for meetings and other ceremonies. But with Super Safe Driver, you can enjoy a stress-free ride and you will get the time to make calls and arrange your all other activities. Our professional chauffeurs are equipped with extensive local expertise, enabling them to navigate the city’s traffic seamlessly while prioritizing safety. Our professional chauffeur service in Dubai sets the benchmark for excellence. We maintain a fleet of well-maintained, premium vehicles and uphold stringent safety protocols to guarantee a smooth and secure travel experience for our clients.

Our Commitment to Excellence

At Super Safe Driver, safety is not just a priority, it is a commitment. We conduct rigorous background checks and continuous training for our chauffeurs, ensuring they adhere to the highest safety standards, and offering you peace of mind throughout your journey. While our primary focus is on safe driving, our commitment extends to providing exceptional customer service. We prioritize punctuality, professionalism, and a client-centric approach to offer an unparalleled chauffeur service experience. This helps us to elevate our customer experience.


Super Safe Driver stands as the epitome of the safe driver in Dubai and in other regions of the UAE. Committed to safety and exceptional service, we redefine your travel experience for rides that are safe, comfortable, and reliable.

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Too Drunk to Drive, We Will Take Your Car Home

We are aware that road accidents happen due to many reasons and driving under influence is a major one among this. We know there are several consequences that we will face when we are drunk. If you are drunk too much, a chauffeur can take you and your car to your home safely. It is not a good idea to start your vehicle and go when you are intoxicated. It is always better to sit back in the car seat quietly and let someone else drive the car. Super Safe Driver is one of the leading, companies to provide chauffeur services in Dubai. We are well known for giving safe and convenient services.

Ensuring Safety of Our Customers

By preventing the occurrence of potential accidents, we ensure the safety of our customers. After experiencing the excellent chauffeur services, more than 50 percentage of our customers are now regular customers. Moreover, they are also now suggesting our service in their peer groups. It’s our pleasure to get new clients through referrals. This is so important to us, as we consider satisfied customers as our assets. Our experienced and skilled drivers will take you to your destination safely. With an experienced team of chauffeurs Super safe driver is the leading company to provide weekly basis chauffeur services in Dubai.

You Don’t Have to Worry of Getting Stuck in the Road

It may happen sometimes, there may be a roadblock and you may get worried due to several reasons. It could be for arriving late or going through the road block. If you are drunk and is driving, you have to worry about getting into trouble with the police. You can avoid these kinds of situations when you are choosing a chauffeur for driving your car. All the chauffeurs of Super Safe Driver are trained to handle various situations. Thus, we make thing easy for you by ensuring you a safe drive to your home.

The use of chauffeur services among drunk people will prevent a lot of accidents on the road due to intoxication. Other than promoting road safety, this will ensure personal safety as intoxicated people are often victims of robbery and other problems on the road. Thus, choosing chauffeur services will be good to drive people safely to their home. Super safe driver is the leading company to provide personal safe driver to Dubai and to other parts of UAE.


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Are You Drunk? Don’t Drive Your Vehicle

Drinking and driving, otherwise known as driving under influence is an offence. It impacts not only the drunken person, but also others on the road. We know drunken driving is dangerous. At times, we may go to parties, have some drinks and find it difficult to drive home. Even an amount of 0.08 percentage of alcohol in the blood may cause lead to considerable changes to you while driving. In such cases, it is always better to opt for a help from others. But, here the question of safety arises. Yes, it is important to choose safe travel to your destination when you are drunk. Super Safe Driver is offering best chauffeur services and are the leading team to offer safe driver services in UAE.

The Consequences of Drink and Drive

The implication of drunken driving starts from reduced concentration, decreased vision, slow reaction time, lack of co-ordination while driving and it will impact your judgmental skill. While driving, it is vital to ensure that all your senses are properly working before getting into the vehicle. If you are not fit enough, it will be better to have someone sober to drive you to your destination. Best chauffeurs of Super Safe Driver will help you with your traveling needs when you are drunk. With excellence in services, Super Safe Driver has become popular as the leading personal safe driver in Dubai.

In cases of drunken driving who met with accidents, they might have survived or not. The difficult part with this is, it will affect, injure or kill other people too. Sometimes, they are living with these kinds of consequences. Moreover, the emotional burden can be worse than any bodily harm.

Drunken Driving Dangers

As we have already told, the alcohol’s sedating effects will impair a driver’s decision-making skills and also coordination. An impaired driver will lack the ability to quickly and decisively avoid an accident. It may even affect in performing routine driving maneuvers. We must keep in mind that drunk driving will keep themselves and everyone on the road at risk. It will increase the chances for automobile crashes and thereby deaths. Choose safe chauffeur services and avoid such danger. Super Safe Driver is providing daily basis chauffeur services in Dubai with professional chauffeurs. We will help you reach your home safely and comfortably. We wish you to have a good time eve when you are drunk at your party or any other function.

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The Need for Chauffeurs in Dubai

Dubai, the city of luxurious cars, lifestyle, malls etc. is also called ‘the Las Vegas of the Middle East’. There are numerous luxury car rental services as well as chauffeur services in Dubai notable for the superior customer services. Super Safe Driver’s executive chauffeur services offer the top services in the city. The chauffeur service offered by our company provides the best customer services to both the tourists as well as the residents. Chauffeurs can make your travel a happy experience, that too in style and comfort.

Notable for delivering world class customer support, chauffeurs are more than just drivers. These people ensure that the customers travel in ease and have a comfortable journey. Chauffeurs are a group of people who receive intensive training to ensure the safety of the passengers, whatever the situation is. They are also supposed to adhere to a code of ethics. They make sure that customers receive high quality services. They also help the passengers with the luggage while entering and exiting. We offer the best family chauffeur services Dubai has ever seen.

The chauffeur services in Dubai include transportation to various events. It can be on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Our services include airport services, wedding services, family services, business or professional services, etc. A major aspect of chauffeur services is that they ensure timely arrival in a place. They give importance to your punctuality.


Merits of Chauffeur Services in Dubai:

  • Hassle free travel
  • Safety
  • Professionalism

Hassle Free Travel:

In Dubai, it is tiresome to travel in the peak hours. The heavy traffic and rush during these hours is sure to rob you of your comfort. But, if you have a chauffeur beside you, there is nothing to worry about. Since they are well trained professionals, they know how to travel through this situation easily and quickly, as they know the quickest routes in Dubai. They know routes that have less traffic and therefore help you to reach the destination in a shorter time. Thus transportation without any troubles will be ensured to you. Furthermore, they will also know how to drive through all the weather conditions, and still stick on to the time.


The safety of the passengers is the main concern of the chauffeurs. This aspect of ensuring maximum safety to the customers cannot be ensured by an ordinary driver. Our chauffeur services make sure that the passengers feel safe and are sound till they reach the destined place. They provide you a tension-free and memorable car ride. Since they are given training that includes training to ensure passenger’s safety, you can completely rely on their skills. Their foremost duty is to ensure the protection of passengers.


Our professional chauffeur service is sure to give you a rich experience. Comfort of a luxury drive is desired by everyone. Treating you with professionalism gives a sense of satisfaction and richness. This professionalism is especially required if you are going for a business meeting or events where your entry itself can make an impression.


Reasons Why you Should Hire Chauffeurs for Your Special Event

Everybody likes to feel luxurious and wants make a grandiose entry at their special event. This is a common thing that most of us will wish for. Opting a best chauffeur service provider is a better way to feel luxurious and to treat yourself. Hiring of a professional chauffeur service for your special event will add class, sophistication and also comfort to your entry. Super Safe Driver is the best chauffeur service providing company to provide wedding chauffeur services in Dubai. Here are few reasons why you have to depend on chauffeur services for your travel.

Arrive on Time

It will be an awkward situation when your guests are waiting at an event that you invited them to. There is no doubt that, you have to arrive on time, attend to your guests and get to enjoy your events. By hiring a private chauffeur from Super safe driver, you will be definitely punctual. Our chauffeurs will provide a professional service and make sure that you are not late to your event.

Professional Appearance

Arriving in an extravagant vehicle with a chauffeur is bound to impress guests at your event, undoubtedly. It is the type of VIP service you can choose that will simply create a long-lasting impression. Hiring a chauffeur will be more luxurious and will help in setting a tone of professionalism at your event. Super safe driver is the best company to provide event chauffeur services in Dubai.

Convenient Travel

Travelling with a luxury chauffeur service provide comfort and a hassle-free journey to your special event. With our private chauffeurs, you are safe so that you can sit back, relax and have a pleasant drive.

Confidentiality is kept

When you are choosing chauffeur services, you can discuss private business details, can make phone calls, or have a meeting. All these things can be done without the fear of information leaks. Our private chauffeurs will provide full discretion to our clients. Everything that clients talk in front of our chauffeurs will remain confidential. Super safe driver is the best company to provide chauffeur service in UAE with skilled and professional chauffeurs.

Safe Travel to your Destination

For whoever is traveling, reaching to your destination safely will be the first priority. You must note that, any driver can take you to your event, but they may not be able to provide safest commute. Safe commute can be provided by a professional chauffeur. Private chauffeurs of Super safe driver are extremely professional and skilled drivers. They are much more knowledgeable about things like fastest and safest route to the destination.

Local Knowledge of places

Navigating the GPS on your way to event is a hassle that you would like to avoid. You can avoid this headache by hiring our private chauffeurs. They are much reliable for this type of service. They have learned the routes with extensive appearance and are well versed in their way around town. With good experience and expertise in this field Super safe driver is offering safe driver services in Dubai.





There is no better treatment for your aches and pains after a long flight than a that runs directly to your destination. For those who don’t relish interpreting foreign public transportation maps or arguing with local taxi services, Super Safe Driver offers chauffeur services that will drive you directly to your destination from the airport.

No matter where you go, our talented chauffeur can keep track of your flight and make adjustments for any delays which are beyond your control. Ask them for suggestions or assistance on what to do while you’re there; they were carefully chosen and are informed about the area.

Traveling to or from the Airport

Super Safe Driver the professional chauffeur service in Dubai strives to provide highest standard service for each and every one of Our clients. We will get you to the airport relaxed, refreshed, and ready with an airport transfer chauffeur service, whether you’re leaving a hotel in Dubai on business or you need to be dropped off after a vacation.

Our professional chauffeur will get you to the airport relaxed, refreshed, and ready with an airport transfer service, whether you’re leaving a hotel in Dubai on business or you need to be dropped off after a holiday.  Traveling from airport to your hotel with family or a group of coworkers? Up to five people can ride together in a Super Safe Driver Luxury Business Van, and there is plenty of space for luggages. Consider our First Class chauffeur service for the pinnacle of style and comfort if you’re looking for something a little bit extra. It’s a wonderful idea for special occasions.

Airport shuttle booking

The booking of Super Safe Driver Airport Chauffeur Service is easy and requires just a few seconds. You can reserve your airport transfer in UAE using the accessible Super Safe Driver website. The necessary steps are simple: just provide the pickup and destination details and select your shuttle’s vehicle class. After you’ve confirmed the booking and payment details, you will receive an email of confirmation shortly afterwards. Super Safe Driver prides itself on transparency, which is why you won’t receive any hidden fees when you book with us and the price you see is the price you pay – a best way to kick off your journey.

Think about Super Safe Driver hailing when you need a secure way to travel around the city in Dubai, book the high-quality chauffeur service that you are attracted to and cherish for quick pickup.

You deserve a great chauffeur because Dubai is a wonderful city to hangout. We are the most well-known Chauffeur service in the Dubai, and we offer a variety of services across the UAE, including Airport transfers, Point to point services, Night parties, Weddings, Corporate events, Birthdays and  also we take you to anywhere you want to go in UAE. Super Safe Driver, which is the best chauffeur service, is also the best monthly basis chauffeur service in Dubai.




Events When You Can Hire A Chauffeur Service

When you’re planning fun events in the city of Dubai, one of the trickiest things to get down right is how you get there. Public transportation can be incredibly unreliable. There’s only one reliable way to get yourself to events on-time and safely; using Super Safe Driver daily basis chauffeur service Dubai. Our chauffeurs are expertly trained to find the fastest ways of getting to your destination.

There are numerous benefits associated with hiring a Chauffeur Service. Chauffeur services are mostly used for daily activities as well as for special events. And the best part is that when you hire this service, you look for safe, time-saving, and comfortable rides. Besides, hiring Super Safe Driver will allow you to sit back and enjoy the scenery outside and to be productive even while waiting in the traffic. The memories that are created while riding with us are the memories that are worth preserving.

Here are the Ways How Chauffeur Service are Used:


Weddings are one of the most important events in one’s life and it needs loads of planning. Planning for transportation is also important. Super Safe Driver chauffeur services are not just perfect for couples, but also for the entire marriage team. Our service allow the guests to arrive at the party venue in comfort, on time, and in style.

Our bespoke wedding chauffeur car hire is tailor made to cater for each wedding. Our drivers are happy to accommodate whatever your requirements may be on the special day to make sure it is an enjoyable and unforgettable day.

Our fleet of high-end luxury cars are perfect for weddings; stylish, comfortable and impressive to make your wedding as special as possible. our drivers are always friendly and willing to give you the best experience possible.

Celebrating birthdays or some other special occasions

So, if you are planning something on this birthday. Then pre-book Super Safe Driver, family chauffeur service Dubai across the town. Apart from birthdays, you can also organize your bachelorette party inside a limo to pop-up the event to the next level. And the best part of choosing our service is that you can only focus on partying and you don’t have to worry about the driver.

Enjoying the nightlife

Last but not least, you can hire Super Safe Driver chauffeur service Dubai to enjoy the nightlife. On special occasions, you get easy access to concerts, bars, nightclubs etc with VIP treatment and you don’t have to worry about driving the car at night as you will be in safe hands.

When you are looking for transport to an important event that would be fast, stylish and convenient, look no more, Super Safe Driver Chauffeur Services offers luxury cars that are comfortable, affordable and easy to book which make your journey hassle free.





What are Corporate Chauffeur Services?

Corporate Chauffeur services are a reliable and affordable transport service from one point to another and they are typically associated with business alliances for corporate summits. Major corporates prefer professional chauffeur services in Dubai due to the varied benefits it offers.

Benefits of Corporate Chauffeur Services

1. Convenience

With corporate chauffeur services, you always reach your destination at your best so you can deliver your best. You won’t have to worry about routes, traffic, and parking when there’s a chauffeur to do the job for you and can look forward to a safe and worry-free journey.

2. Budget-friendly

People have some misconceptions about the cost of chauffeur services and it’s time to understand that Super Safe Driver Dubai offer great deals that fit in your pocket perfectly.

3. Looks Professional

Looking professional is a deal in every business meetings. And arriving at a business event or meeting in a chauffeur driven car in Abu Dhabi can help you achieve it. You can also hire a chauffeur service to pick up, one of your clients ahead for an important meeting. This will help you to build a trust and solid relationship, as it shows you care about their needs, and creates lasting impression.

4. Reliable and Safe

The Chauffeurs are highly professional as they have to go through many background checks and training before getting on to the job. The Chauffeurs are familiar with all the routes and are well-trained to drive in any condition, which makes your journey worry-free.

5. Time is Money

Punctuality is the spirit of every business and it’s not about just being on time, but representing your company’s discipline and commitments. With corporate chauffeur services, you won’t have to face the worry of being late for any meeting. Once you have pre-booked our service we will pick you up at the right time and take you to your destination on time. Our chauffeur will be available 15 minutes before as we respect and value your time and obligations.

6. A worry-free journey leads to great conferences

We care for you and we believe that you need to be at your best when you are heading towards an important meeting.  When you are in our chauffeur car, all your driving worries are taken care of by our professional chauffeurs. The comfortable and worry-free journey in a luxurious chauffer driven car is all you need before presenting yourself in front of your clients. If you are looking for the best deals on Chauffeur services, Super Safe Driver is the best chauffer service in Dubai for all your business travel needs.




Super Safe Driver: The Most Reliable Chauffeur Service in Dubai

Welcome to Super Safe Driver, an all-in-one chauffeur service in the heart of UAE. We offer our exceptional service to all regions within Dubai and Abu-Dhabi. We have years of experience in the travel industry. And the best part-we leave a trail of satisfied clients wherever we go. Our teams strive to offer 100% professionalism and a luxury travel experience.



When you use a chauffeur service, you can take pleasure in both getting to and leaving your location. You can drive around town and enjoy the sights or head to a destination and enjoy the hotels, restaurants or other attractions of UAE. The chauffer will get you there on time all in style.


Hiring us will allow you to travel without dealing with any of the hassles of commuting. We will pick you up at the right time and take you to your destination on time.


Our professionally trained chauffeurs are experienced, courteous and professionals with a positive attitude and helping nature. Your pick-up and arrival at the destination of your choice will be timely. Instead of meeting your expectation we’ll exceed them. With our professional chauffeurs, you’ll always have the best experience. Super Safe Driver is the leading company that provides the best chauffeur service in Dubai.


You will have the privacy you deserve throughout the journey you can talking private, read or just enjoy the scenery.


In order to free up your time to concentrate on creating memories and having fun, we at Super Safe Driver will do everything in our ability to keep you safe. Because we only hire the best chauffeurs in the business with years of experience, you can feel safe and secure while you travel with us.



We are industry-leading experts in executive and luxury airport chauffeur transfers. In addition, we provide an airport pickup service, allowing you to arrive at the airport stress-free knowing that everything is taken care of. Your name will be on a sign that your driver will hold up to welcome you. Super Safe Driver provides the best airport chauffeur services in Dubai.


We can provide luxury cars and English speaking chauffeur for almost any type of event in Dubai. We provide transportation for everything from weddings and wind tours, to real estate deals and company events. Our rates are quite competitive, and we work hard to provide you with excellent customer service while meeting all of your requirements.


We provide wedding chauffeur services that are designed to meet your every need. Because of our expertise and experience, we can assure you that your event will be one to remember.


We provide the best shopping trip chauffeur service at an affordable price. Now you can enjoy the complete satisfaction of your loved ones by hiring Super Safe Driver, the best transportation company in all over UAE.


Our business chauffeur services are designed for those who want their executive travel to be stress-free. Our service can be used for all of your business requirements. Our crew is dependable and committed, and we provide individualized service that goes above and above to ensure that everything happens as planned.


We provide a high-quality crew transport chauffeur service for people who rely on there car to travel every day, whether it’s for business or personal reasons. We can also provide minibus hire, if your group is larger than 5. We offer first-rate cars and transportation for every event, with a large selection to pick from. Super Safe Driver is the most professional and efficient chauffeur service in UAE that always gives prime importance to the satisfaction of their clients.


We provide personalized and dedicated customer service and we work hard to ensure that our customer’s needs are met. Our mission is to ensure that you get to your destination safely and punctually, in a comfortable and luxurious setting.


Airport Chauffeur Services in Dubai

Chauffeur services are an essential one when it comes to airport travel. You can quickly and comfortably get from Dubai International Airport to the city center using the Super Safe Driver chauffeur services in Dubai. When we are in need of a foreign trip for a business purpose or on a leisure trip, we want to arrive comfortably at the office. Similarly, it is the same when we are arriving at an airport and need to reach our home. Thus, choosing a best chauffeur service is important for this purpose.

With the excellent chauffeur services Super Safe Driver aims to offer a smarter way to book and manage rides. The rides will be in a smarter, affordable and reliable way.

Schedule your Drive with Chauffeur Services

You can priorly schedule your drive from or to airport by booking for chauffeur services from Super Safe Driver. Chauffeurs will reach the spot and take you to the airport or vise versa as per your requirements. You can book earlier for the service and don’t have to wait in the airport in search of a taxi or for a relative to come with vehicle. By offering best quality services Super Safe Driver is the best to offer airport chauffeur services in Dubai.

Advantages of Hiring a Chauffeur for Your Airport Travel

With our chauffeur services, we guarantee that we will arrive early and escort you to your destination on time, every time.

  • We offer you the best transportation services to and from Dubai Airport.
  • Our professional drivers will take you quickly and comfortably, as safely as possible.
  • Maintains the quality to suit your requirements.
  • Luxury chauffeur services at affordable fee.
  • It is possible to do payments as a currency or through other means like UPI, credit or debit cards.

Flexibility and Confidentiality

Using chauffeur services are a convenient way to get to your resort, home, business Centre, etc. in a comfortable car. This is not like taxi services where you don’t have a price fixed earlier for your travel. The skill and ability in giving more flexible and reliable services had made Super Safe Driver popular as the best airport chauffer service provider in UAE.

The privacy of every client is guaranteed. Our team takes its contractual confidentiality agreements seriously. We follow all terms and conditions of traffic and chauffeur service. So, you don’t have to worry about confidentiality and privacy issues when you are with Super Safe Driver.